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Bee In My Bonnet

welcome to the apiary


Is both an artist and a writer, though only in the amateur sense. When she draws, she prefers to use graphite pencils of varying softness, a stump and kneaded eraser—she has on occasion employed coloured pencils, though. Her favourite subjects are men's faces and men in suggestive positions, preferably with other men.

Her passion in life, however, is writing. She is open to slash, fem-slash and het, although at the moment the majority of her ships are of the slash variety. She enjoys writing banter and UST, and has a knack for letting dialogues run on ad infinitum.

Her creative journal is called Whimsical Scribbles.
whimsical scribbles // fanfiction // fanart

the fangirl formerly known as anna_bm


Latent and/or old obsessions:
Remus/Sirius shipper and overall Marauders fangirl who has spent far too many afternoons swotting up on 1970's pop-culture and music in Britain. Considers Kiss Kiss Bang Bang a non-deleterious opiate. Adores Good Omens and then especially Aziraphale and Crowley, both together and on their own. Squees at the mere mention of Brideshead Revisited or Maurice. Is a fan of the Iron Man film and the comics—she prefers the Marvel Adventures universe, both Avengers and Iron Man, and has a fondness for Steve/Tony.

Current obsessions:
Sherlock Holmes, both bookverse and movieverse, though only active in the latter. Enjoys the Granada series but considers the radio adaptation with Clive Merrison superior. Ferociously ships Holmes/Watson both platonically and romantically. Also has a soft spot for Sherlock Holmes/Victor Trevor.

Miscellaneous obsessions:
Harbours a truly alarming crush on Robert Downey Jr.
Has a peculiar affection for mermaids and merfolk as well.

about me:

A girl of embarrassingly young age who spends her days reading and writing fanfictions, drawing, role-playing, listening to music, playing the guitar poorly, watching films, babbling and generally not having a life. Enjoys collecting old-fashioned expressions, studying British English slang and being a smartarse. Has the self-discipline of a three-year-old but loves constructive criticism. Alternates between being completely anti-social and an uncontrollable chatterbox. Is a Pepsi-o-holic.

(For those of you who care about such things, she is also diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome, ADHD and a plethora of allergies.)

If you want to friend her, go ahead — she won’t bite. She might be a bit bemused, though, if you haven’t made contact with her first.

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